Problemsolving life

We are getting used to being stuck in random places. I suppose that’s a good thing since the only real plan we have is to get south and to get started on our ‘Pirates for peace-fundation’. It seems that our plan of sailing around the country of Portugal has changed – most likely we will be journeying through the canals of Europe until we hit the Mediterranean. The months we are entering simply don’t go well with us or Harry Louella entering the open water featuring the Atlantic ocean. 

Entering harbour at night.

We are standing by in Öxelösund, a small industry town with not much going on east in Sweden. We’ve had to stop for some maintainance of our vessel. It was a planned stop, but it doesn’t seem like we’ll be moving for another day. Conny is working hard to repair our jib-sail that took a hit when were sailing against the wind a week ago. This is an easy fix but we have to put the hours into it.

Conny our very own sailmaker putting in some hours.

Yesterday the fog was so thick that it would be straight out dangerous for us to go out through the waters we are now sailing. I doubt there is many places on earth with this many reefs and tiny islands. Today it is of course raining – making Conny’s sowing-job on deck a bit more uncomfortable. But we’ve got time.. The snow isn’t here yet and we still have to get the engine started.

It looks like we found the problem to why we kept losing the engine all the time. The diesel-filters were all clogged up. I mean for real clogged up. Totally black with cloggy clogging-materials built up through the years. Lucky for us we found a gas-station wich was more of a garage and they had in a dark corner of their storage only two filters left that would fit our engine. Of course the guy behind the counter warned us about getting air into the system and the mechanics, being Captain Simen and David, did their best. But this engine is old – and have a hard time being friendly to young pirates. It sucked in whatever air it could handle and here we are. Stranded once again – in a guest harbour of Sweden, forced to push a button every five-minute, hoping that the air will pass through the system.

Here we are…

It’s not all bad of course. We finally got to wash our clothes and take showers ad lib. David holds the record of almost two hours in the showers. The guest-harbour is closed but we were lucky enough to get the codes and stuff from some other people who had been here earlier this year and can therefore enjoy the liberty of the good life of a washing-room and nice clean toilets.

Well, I have to get back to work. We have talked to a mechanic, the guy that sold us our new diesel-filters, and hopefully we can easily ease ourselves out of this within a couple of hours. If you by any chance have it in you to help us out in this increasingly costly journey feel free to use the paypal-button below or share our blog with some friends around the world!

Will keep you posted!

Captain Jack


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It’s a pirate life for us!


We have operated with an extended crew onboard this week. Pirates have come from distant places to join our new and secretive pirate-camp in an undisclosed bay in Stora Le. There have been explorational sightseeings to sacred places and long hauls through wind and sunny weather. We transformed a bewildered soul from the metropolitans of Europe to a though pirate – and worked through all sort of issues that can only come from life in society. 

The essence is real onboard this bus



The days onboard is no longer divided into days of the week. We are now free floating through life and have learned to accept all challenges heading our way. Visiting pirates and thereby new members of the crew have been met with life-changing experiences. Life with Harry and the pirate-camp have proved itself to be sustainable.

Of course, there will always be things we need to figure out. Like how to charge our batteries, how to train reliable crew and how to keep the ship afloat. These are only challenges and we have all the time in the world! For the next few days or maybe weeks, Harry will hopefully get some quiet days while we tend to our camp, fields and other plunders.

Blæiks last night around the fire, with handcrafts and conversations of dimensions

The last blogpost, the report of Blake the adventurer, will have to be continued in a coming post. It didn’t take too many hours before we found the cityboy half-shipwrecked on a small island – just waiting for the pirates onboard to take him under their wings. But we also got two visitors from the Norwegian capital and another one from the city of which we started this journey. Tomorrow we will set sail for Ed, the southmost point of Stora Le to plunder the town and send off the last of our temporary crew with the train. Thank you all for visiting, we all gained the necessary perspective needed.

It’s not all work and whips aboard FFHarry, someone enjoying the off-duty-duty

Looking for new pirates
We will soon be looking for pirates to join us on the adventures journey to the Swedish capital at the end of summer. Some that have already left might come back, but will also be needing fresh blood onboard! There will only be space for 4 additional crewmembers. We are looking for adventurers that could make good use of themselves onboard FF-Harry for a couple of weeks in August, maybe September – More information on this will be released in a few weeks! Another very good reason to follow and share this blog.

Ship out!

The Captains

The Masterplan

There is no simple explanation for our choice of moving onto Harry. Or to set up camp on undisclosed locations. No explanation needed! Living outdoors is something we both want. This is not new to us, even though there is limited experience evolving being boat-owners. We are nature men and travelers by heart and the thought of slow-travel, with the chance of not having to actually carry our luggage, is what we are aiming for. Like a phlegmatic snail over troubled water.. 🙂 The ultimate goal is to find the way to continue our journey before winter once again rain upon us.

The weather is no longer a problem. We have our dry home in the boat! On board we can find all the tools needed, I guess we could build a small house if we wanted to. All the clothes, the food, the cat and the heat. We have two tents, sleeping bags and not to forget each other. Our only real concern was this:

What about the cash?!

We could probably get around the whole money-problem. And without boring you with our economical details, there shouldn’t be any problems – If our calculations are correct. But – in order for us to evolve and grow and let’s say invest in our future instead of paying bills – we’ve had to be creative with ideas on how to make our money. We also wanted replacements for the commodities we otherwise would waste money on.


In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to consider this aspect of economics. Nor is it a goal of ours to become wealthy, if so; Just for the convenience of having someone take care of the manual-starting trouble we seem to have with Harry. The world is however not perfect. Fair enough, let’s deal with it. Best bet would be to follow this blog. You don’t need to ask about exactly how all these things are going to happen. We don’t know yet.

Lead the way

Even though we both find the activity of planning amusing, there is no real reason for spending hours of planning out our journey. We have tried to plan the content before without much luck. When traveling slow – like we want to (and are used to from our days with heavy backpacks in 26-degree shade) the plan quickly change. Whenever navigating uncharted terrain we prefer to take it slow and let the road, now also water, lead the way. What we however do spend time focusing on; our freedom, creativity and the amazing opportunity this journey represent. We want ourselves to play around with new and exciting ideas. In short: There is no master-plan.

Yes, we are making our own luck. We also want to learn how to get a closer relationship with nature, how to live more responsible considering waste and ecological footprint. We know we are dreamers. We also know that doing nothing about our dreams is not an option.