The waiting-game

Getting old wooden pirate-ships to float takes all the patience in the world – and at least a week. Lucky for us, there is plenty of work to be done around the ship. Time fly by even if we are desperate to get her sailing. Captain Simen has been working hard to make sure the engine and all the electric cabeling is top-notch. I, myself, have mostly been taking care of the paint-jobs and neccesary detail-tasks. 

Here is a before-picture, taken last time she was seaborne.

There’s a fine line to how much we want to put the ship in the watet at once. Most important is to make sure the engine stays above water, which we have managed so far. At the moment we are mostly conserned about if the trailer can handle all the weight of a sinking ship at the back end. It would totally be best for all if we could get it further out as soon as possible. There is a chance that the whole trailer will brake.. Not good.

A friend we met earlier in Göta kanal came by today with 12 liters of engine oil. A perfect gift at the perfect time. 400 euro worth of oil is something we didn’t think of untill today. It would be kind of stupid to continue on without changing oil. I thought diesel was expensive, but oil is way, way harder on our accounts. Thank you, Jan!

One handlebar painted.

If you also feel like helping out somehow, you are more than welcome. There isn’t really room for any more hands on deck at this time (we get several requests from aspiring pirates out there, but at this time it would just be more people waiting in the shipyard) But soon, good people. Soon soon soon… If you do however have spare cash, diesel, a GPS, echo sounder (or whatever it is called in english) or knowledge about wood, bedford-engines or this exact ship, feel free to contact us HERE or check out our fundraiser HERE.

We wish we could be sailing right now. The wind and the sun is just perfect and even though tomorrow is supposed to bring rain – it would be an adventure to rise our sail for the first time. But first things first, let’s make the ship seaworthy. And on the positive side; we are not taling in as much water as last night.

Me looking into the camera with the ship in the background.

Yesterday, we had a visit from the people we bought the ship from. They brought beer all the way from Åland and a contract for us to sign. Great people that was really sad about letting the boat go before they even had the chance to try her out. But the fact is: it takes a lot of time, love and patience to get her back in the water. Something none of the tree previous owners had, one way or the other. We are getting there. I just hate the wait.

Captain Jack


The Harry Float

Just five months ago we were stranded pirates in suburbia of a midsize city in the Kingdom of Norway. Now, somehow, we have a small fleet of two ships where one of which are halfway actually floating. We started the process of letting our new ship make friends with the salty water of Sweden this morning, we got about two feet deep before the automatic bilge-pumps started working. 

New ship entering the water.

There is not much we can do about that at the moment, but the list of things to take care of is pretty long. While we wait for the area around the propellar getting used to be back in it’s natural element after having dried for four years we have gotten started at the other stuff that needs to happen before we set sail.

I have preassure-washed the deck – it took forever but it is now as clean as it can get. It will need a coat of paint in not too long but it’s fine for now. One of the dieseltanks was leaking as we transported the ship to the water, and since the boat is pretty much built around the tank it is nearly impossible to fix the problem withoit disembeling the whole thing. We have therefore decided to give the tank a sick-leave until further notice. Lucky for us – we have two tanks onboard. Captain Simen has spent some time making sure that the other one is in working condition.

Oh you dirty dirty ship..

The first payment for the ship left our account today. The ship is officially ours. This means that as soon as the new one floats by itself, not by being strapped to a trailer on a tractor, we will be ready to pass over FF Harry to some lucky new owners. The marked for used wooden pirate-ships in Sweden is pretty weak, but I’m sure we will find a suitable captain soon enough.

Hasse, the king of the shipyard, has been great help during the last couple of days. His knowledge of boats and equipment has been essential for us. Even though we work from early morning to far beyond the sunset we couldn’t have done this without his support. And speaking of support, thank you to all of you following this journey either on the blog, instagram or other social media. Also to all that have donated – some even by multible occations! If you also feel like contribute – you can check out our donationpage.


New ship as far out as she can go at the moment. Just waiting for the mast to be attatched.

I should get back to work. By the look of it, we’ll probably be stuck here for at least a week or two more. Lucky for us we got to borrow a key to the local sportsclubs referee-lounge, that by the look of it hasn’t been used for years – But there is a warm shower. We are presentable again.

Captain Simen lookin extremely presentable at 0800.

Captain Jack


It’s sunday. The last one we have in Pirate Bay at least as of this year. As per usual I have some time to write before the other pirates wake up – demanding coffee and breakfast. The wind is a bitch today and since it’s no fun being outside right now I found the time to reflect on the people met and the pictures taken this so far on this lifechanging adventure we have embarked on. 


Now, before writing any further, I want to ask for your help. We will of course find a way for us to go on, but we really want to expand and make space for all of our pirates onboard. In order for us to do this as soon as possibly and most neccesary before winter shows up – We have found our new pirate-ship. It’s not a whole lot bigger and in all modesty very cheap. We have started a fundraiser on GoFundMe and I ask in the most possible humble way if you may be able to contribute with what you can. There is no shame in 50 cents, every single bit helps. So please follow this link: THIS BLUE TEXT IS THE LINK to read more about the campain. Everyone that helps out will get a special postcard of FF Harry, made by a local artist, Mathilda Röjdemo from Töcksfors. Just make sure you send us your adress 🙂 If you want to contribute more directly please don’t hesitate to contact either me, Captain Jack, or the handsome Captain Simen.


When we started our journey from Fredrikstad, Norway in May – there wasn’t much of a plan. Other than finding a place to put up our camp, plant some vegetables and figure it out on the way. Three months later we have made hundreds of friends, taken thousands of pictures, became somewhat of a famous ship on the lake, and as it turned out – we found our calling as holistic pirates.


Throughout the weeks past, the crew have shifted as pirates have had time to join us. Some have flown in from the great far north, traveled 3000 kilometers just to be with us. Others came paddeling straight into our very own, and may I say, very well hidden Pirate Bay.


We have arranged full moon parties, other huge parties and we have been the towingship for canoists stuck in the wind. We have hunted away people from illegal bird sancturay islands, been the nose and eyes for the fire department on the water during a fire – and arranged for an ambulance at several occations. In a way, I’m proud to say, we have been pirate rangers. The main goal has allways been to make sure that as many as possible, us included, had a great experience at Lake Foxen this summer.


We have had a great time with many of the locals and we have made the #ffharry something to be proud of. There is of course a lot of people to thank in the proccess and you are of course all on our list for the special postcard handdrawn and printed just for friends of FF Harry and his Captains with crew. (I would love to show you the postcard, but it’s way to exclusive to be printed as a digital copy.)


As you probably know by now, we are setting the course toward the Swedish capital very soon. It has been a blast on Foxen, but I would be lying if I said that we are not looking forward to new places, new people and new experiences. We are after all a holistic research wessel before the pirates we have been known to be. We will of course keep sailing our very own handmade pirateflag. But this journey is about more than piracy. It’s about living life as interesting as possible. And in a way where we can connect with great people, learn from your culture and hopefully give you a wonderfull experience back.


The pirate supermarked is closed. We worked 14 hour days, 6 days a week. The poor engine has really proved it was up to the test and that we can trust it for many miles more. The money made is just enough to get us to Stockholm. You can just imagine the price for the whole ride: there is 11 Euro for each lock – 64 of them, then diesel, oil and food for the crew. I want to say especially a big thanks to all of you that used the Pirate Supermarked, and know that the money is going to be well spent.


This brings us back to our fundraiser. This is a friendly request – not an order from the Captains. We could really, really, really use your help. Our hopefully new ship is located just north of Stockholm. We have a long journey ahead of us, and as a Captain I would feel much better about taking our crew on this journey in a tinybit bigger boat. One with sails that is. One where can all sit inside to eat and sleep. Not having to cook on the enginetop would also be a big step in the right direction. The autumn rains and the colder winds are also going to make this hard for us unless we upgrade in the near future.


All the pictures in this post is from Instagram and the hashtag #ffharry. Thank you to all photographers! If nothing else it would be awesome if you followed our hashtag, this blog and jackmikkel + simengeorg on instagram. Also, if you have any great memories with us, it would be fantastic if you posted them under the hashtag #ffharry on Instagram. We would love to bring you with us to the next chapters of this adventure. Also we are still going to host the Foxenfestival outside Lübeck, Germany where we invite all we have met, will meet and friends of friends to a nice get-together when we get there. Stay connected to get the exact time and place!


For good meassure HERE is the link to our crowdfunding one more time 🙂 Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab so you can keep reading about our amazing adventures so far.

All the best from the Captains,

Jack and Simen


Pirates to the rescue

The winds were in charge yesterday. It’s the first time both captains ordered life-jackets on deck. The waves meassured 1,5-2 meters and the canoists didn’t stand a chance. Lucky bucky, it didn’t rain – the only issue was a little crisp wind from the south east of 47 km/h. This would of course be fine if we didn’t get stuck on a reef in the middle of it all – But all went well. During the day we had three rescue missions and one big transport back to the redcoats basecamp – before our own safe return to Pirate Bay.

This windstuck policeman managed to take a swim in the storm and sink his canoe before we returned him to friends. Foto: Snorre

The ducklings have grown up. I’m not actually sure if they have been mentioned in the blog, but there has been a couple of flocks around the bay which has now grown up to be big birdies. I am happy to report just saw them well and healthy when I ate my morning apple a few minutes ago.

FF Harry drifting for the sunset. Foto by Instagram: expl0re_n4ture

Our shop is temporary closed. There is way to much stuff to handle before our departure in a few days. We are planning a trip to Tøcksfors on probably monday. There is a couple of packages waiting for us, a pirate to pick up, and food need to be stocked for the journey ahead. But before this happens – camp need to be pretty much closed down for the winter.

Lone and Snorre – pirate recruits

Lucky for us, we still have our two new recruits onboard. Snorre and Lone, They will most likely have a blast helping out the next couple of days. Also because there is supposed to be heavy rain starting in a few hours. My honest opinion is that meterologists and shoemakers should reconsider their professions, none of them have any idea of what they are doing. Shoemakers these days, at least the one we have talked to, have never made a shoe – and the weathermens have been mostly wrong all year long. But. There is chance that it’s going to rain constantly for the next 20 hours.

Please consider taking a look at our fundraiser on gofundme: THIS IS THE LINK

This is Captain Simen wanting you to check out and help us with our fundraiser.

The clouds are coming. Wind is picking up again. It will rain for sure. I have to go save everything out of the way. Nice blogging to you, see you soon, bon voyage!

Captain Jack

Mondays blues from Harry


No more campfires!

FF Harry is telling you NOT not to make fires! We sail the waters every single day. We meet a lot of canoists and most are taking the fire-prohobition seriously. Some are not. We dedicate this blogpost as a warning for all of our english-speaking friends on the water. Many of you read this blog and we ask you please to reconsider use of open flames, even when camping on islands. As of right now there is hundreds of small or raging fires all around this part of Scandinavia and I think most would agree that there is no need for more heat this year.

Every single record is broken, then only record that can break this years dry, heat and warm summer will be the years to come. If you read this and has allready made your fire for the night, please wait one extra day and water well before you leave your firesite. Ther has been some close calls around allready.

For our Scandinavian readers, here’s our report as of friday 13th of July:


We feel sorry about having to post this warning, but we’d rather not have to assist the firedepartment into the late darkness again. The fire was put out by the morning. This time. 🙄

Yours Truly,

The Pirates

Btw: we now have 50 cent off on melted chocolate!

Another short update


Harry is a fighter!

We’ll just have to start this post off with a huge thank you to all friends and supporters of FF Harry. The ship is back on water thanks to a lot of support, help, and advice from our on and offline-followers! It has been a rough couple of days, but it seems we are not taking in any substantial amount of water anymore – we’ll give him a couple more days in the lake just to be sure. We have a good feeling. Besides – it just has to be working; All resources are drained for the coming couple of months. 

At the time we got to Tøckfors two days ago we were taking in as much as 120 liters of water every 30 minutes. We managed to keep the leakage in check by nailing down the broken beam that somehow had released the pressure to one of the nails holding the wooden boards together. It’s hard to say whether the wood has cracked because of damage from the wooden box the previous owner had made for storage and sleeping, or if our drastic decision to move Harry from a lifetime in saltwater have washed away some much-needed protection. We are however very proud to say; We have not crashed the boat or damaged anything on the ship, nor was there any evidence to show we ever did. Apart from those rusty nails and a loose plugs (now all coated and protected), Harry’s bottom proved to be in a very good shape.

It took a forever long time to get a hold of our insurance company. Once we did, there was basically no help to get. They said we had to be all the way under water before they would give any assistance. They reasoned this with us not having crashed the boat. But we were still sinking and had to get out of the water asap. We managed to get them to take the bill for the boat being lifted out, but not anything else.. In the end, we found a nice man that offered to do the job for 100 kroner (we gave him 300) this of course not worth the paperwork with our insurance. NO thanks to If. Besides our new hero, Berra also gave us something to coat the bottom with, a latter and his tractor with a trailer for two days. We wanted to give him more – but when everything else needed was bought and paid for, that was all there was left. Berra was happy to help, and it seems the locals, in general, has come to appreciate the presence of FF Harry.


The job of fixing the hull and prevent future problems was a hot experience. Working with tar and cold-asphalt in our warmest day so far was a huge task in itself. We are not complaining, just saying it could be nice with a couple of hours of rain soon. Just a couple of hours…

This has been a learning experience. I can now proudly say we know how to plug a boat. We now also know that Harry is in good condition for the foreseeable future and are more than ready to continue on. In the question of the grease cup – everything is good and had nothing to do with the source of our problem.

Simba will probably also be very happy in a couple of hours when we once again set sail southward on Foxen and Stora Le. He’s not very much of a strange noises and people-kitty and is longing back to his forest-camp where he can rest in silence between the trees and not use his inboat-wiggely-stupid-toilet.

There are many people to thank. We appreciate your support, help and warm thoughts, you are now embedded in Harry’s soul forever.

Thanks to all, a special thanks to the following:

Gøran – Båtklubben
Tøckfors Camping
Optimera v/Jonas

Until next time!
Jack, Simen and Simba

We are sinking!

We are taking in water. This is really bad news. There has allways been some water, now there is too much to ignore. I was thinking we could wait a couple of days, maybe even weeks, before we took action. But at this speed that could turn fatal for spiders living on the lower decks. If my calculations are correct (and they usually are) we are increasingly taking in about 20 liters of water every hour. No human can make that kind of condensation. With a broken handpump and a very cheap bilge-pump, it’s getting critical. Now we just have to figure out where the frock this water is coming from. 

Searching the ship port to star, top to bottom. Yes, the wood is as old as the ship but there is only one small crack we can find and it’s well above water-level. also very bad news – Suggesting that one of us might have to go for a swim. We have ruled out leakage due to crash – we’ve been getting very good at not bumping into anything since we decided that FF Harry is a ship, not a boat.


One posibility is that due to the extreme heat the last couple of weeks; the wood has dried and shrunk a little just at or below the waterline. If this is the case, there is not really much we can do until we get Harry out of the water. We are painfully aware that he would like at least one new coat of whatever, but our original plan was to do this in about five months. Also, the sudden change of intake the last 24 hours speak the story of something more calumniatory.

Our working-theory is not about cracks or crashes. Harry might be old, but his engine even older. In our own euphoric state of getting back to nature there might have been a slight neglect in reading the whole 96 pages of user-manual (of which some parts are written by hand next to some very dark black and white photographs). To be honest, we have been oiling and taking care of the engine in almost every way, but it seems we have forgotten to grease up the system. We knew it had to be done, but not at the frequency listed in the manual.. The grease-cup should be turned every 5th engine hour, and the rest of the system greased every 25th. After about 75 hours. We have turned the grease-cup once.


If we are lucky, we haven’t broken or worn out anything just yet. Hopefully a good round of grease should take care of the whole sinking of our ship-problem. The parts needed is of course available if anything is broken. But getting them shipped to our floating location and paid for with our non-existant money, not to mention the whole mechanic proscess of figuring out which parts and how to replace them where – would be a lot more complicated to us than mending minor cracks.

This fight is not over. If you need a reminder – remember the title of this blog and then go share it with everyone! (Especially SABB-mechanics and rich people prone to donations).

Blubb blubb.