Pirates to the rescue

The winds were in charge yesterday. It’s the first time both captains ordered life-jackets on deck. The waves meassured 1,5-2 meters and the canoists didn’t stand a chance. Lucky bucky, it didn’t rain – the only issue was a little crisp wind from the south east of 47 km/h. This would of course be fine if we didn’t get stuck on a reef in the middle of it all – But all went well. During the day we had three rescue missions and one big transport back to the redcoats basecamp – before our own safe return to Pirate Bay.

This windstuck policeman managed to take a swim in the storm and sink his canoe before we returned him to friends. Foto: Snorre

The ducklings have grown up. I’m not actually sure if they have been mentioned in the blog, but there has been a couple of flocks around the bay which has now grown up to be big birdies. I am happy to report just saw them well and healthy when I ate my morning apple a few minutes ago.

FF Harry drifting for the sunset. Foto by Instagram: expl0re_n4ture

Our shop is temporary closed. There is way to much stuff to handle before our departure in a few days. We are planning a trip to Tøcksfors on probably monday. There is a couple of packages waiting for us, a pirate to pick up, and food need to be stocked for the journey ahead. But before this happens – camp need to be pretty much closed down for the winter.

Lone and Snorre – pirate recruits

Lucky for us, we still have our two new recruits onboard. Snorre and Lone, They will most likely have a blast helping out the next couple of days. Also because there is supposed to be heavy rain starting in a few hours. My honest opinion is that meterologists and shoemakers should reconsider their professions, none of them have any idea of what they are doing. Shoemakers these days, at least the one we have talked to, have never made a shoe – and the weathermens have been mostly wrong all year long. But. There is chance that it’s going to rain constantly for the next 20 hours.

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The clouds are coming. Wind is picking up again. It will rain for sure. I have to go save everything out of the way. Nice blogging to you, see you soon, bon voyage!

Captain Jack


At last

It was dark. Pitch dark. My barefoot feets was planted on the warm rocks in Pirate Bay. I could hear it coming towards me across the water. The wind had spent the last few hours sending warnings from the east, and Thor had allready proven he was likely to explode within minutes. The preassure throughout the week had been building toward this exact moment. The heat had broken all historic records just hours before. We had been waiting for months.

And then it came. Not slowly or quiet, but like a waterfall, like a gift from the universe. We screamed toward the sky and could feel the forrest wake up ta a gigantic show, a miracle and blessing from the sky was finally here.

I hurried inside our holstic research wessel and pushed my face toward the plexiglasswindows. The hard drops could easily be felt through the thick material and the sky flaired with huge flashes. The lightningshow we needed to really enjoy this long wanted miracle. At first i thougt we had a leak in the ceiling, but soon realized it was tears of joy.

Sound of thunder rumbeling over the water and sometimes making the ship vibrate in until now unknown resonanses. We went to bed after hours of just taking everything to our hearts – and behind the darkest sky in months, the last energy of the full moon sent psycotic dreams from other dimentions.

The next morning it was over. Sometime during the night it had all cleared up. But the forrest had gotten it’s first real wash this summer and were now ready for new lifechanging adventures.


FF Harry the merchant

We are proud to present our new bussiness. Earlier mentioned, we didn’t care too much about those canoeist. Now they are paying our bills and in addition giving jobs to the crewmembers. There are litterary hundreds of canoe-people being shipped in from Germany by busses and it would be unfair to our cashflow not to take anvantage of this whole situation. The pirate-supermarked has been running for a week and it’s fair to say that the payoff is good. Of course, keeping a crew of 3 fed and diesel for the ship also has it’s costs. But then again, we are the only supermarked around. Meaning the canoists would spend an entire day of their weeklong journey just to get a case of beer or some snack, toiletpaper, sunscreen or candy. 


We should also mention that all cash coming in is essential for us sluice ourself all the way to Stockholm in a month or so. We meet a lot of great people everyday and try not to disturb those who came to enjoy just the nature. Right now we have just finished a long day of work and are heading for Töcksfors to drop off our latest crew-member. He’s catching the bus to Oslo and then a flight to Alta. Like mentioned; the days pass by like they where never even there. The heat is controlling everything and lucky for us – that brings us a lotsof thirsty germans. Of course we see some other nationalities as well, but the German people really seem to like the idea of canoeing ((even though they seem to have a little trouble getting into the whole paddle-towards goes forward, paddle-away goes backwards. Then again they have to work together to make it all work out in then end. When they are finally back i  camp- FFHarry comes around with some snacks, beer,cigatettes and candy and we’ready for a new round tomorrow.


Tonight we are staying in Tőcksfors. The town is allright, but has really nothing too it unless your a Norwegian looking for sweedt deals on food, candy and tobacco. Which we will need for the coming days. We wish we had a way to store cold beverages, meat and that kind of stuff. Many has been asking us, for both cold drinks and meat, nothing we can do… sorry. Global warming is here…


Thais will be the update of the week. We have stuff to take care of, mouths to feed and way too much to do before the big freeze comes around in a few months.


This said, we do accept donations.. as allways. 😏

Surviving abnormal hot days

Data recording weather conditions in our current whereabouts this time of the year is clear; The temperature since arrival in this beautiful landscape of Sweden is, and will for the foreseeable future be, 10 degrees warmer than the average of the last 10 years. This, of course, is just the way we are heading. April of 2018 was the 400th month in a row on planet earth with record high temperatures – and the cat really hates it.

Simba finally standing still for a photograph

Lucky for him, most of the time – he’s a night hunter.  As soon as the sun disappears the temperature is cooling down to something somewhat more normal and I suppose more liveable for kitty-cats. Us, we are doing fine. Our camp nowadays gets some nice morning sun before whatever is left of trees from the beaver went to work, gives us shade all day long until the mild evening rays come along, bringing a couple of hours questionable heat before sunset.

Justin Beaver has been busy doing his birch-thing.

Days fly by. We have no idea how the cold months of last winter could move slower than global warming in the 80’s and now we’re a week away from June (and total collapse). But there are some upsides to all this good weather – The plants are thriving! Our newly pirate-planted fields of vegetables, greens and not to forget the herbs are getting ready to explode into a firework of fresh organic edibles. Maybe not just yet… But sooner than expected and despite the end of the world and all that – in the short run, this is perfect.

Harry’s engine is loving the fresh-water. The wood, not so much. There is no rush but within the end of this year, he would probably like very much to dry-dock just a little bit. He could use a fresh layer of paint, oil, and other liquids. It seems like the previous Captain has been taking care just as much as needed. But the ship is old, only three years away from turning forty – Much more than you can expect from modern cruise-liners.

There are tons of other people using the lake, which of course is wonderful! We’ve seen dozens of Germans doing their canoe-thing, families are starting to spruce up their cabins for a new (record-warm) season, the locals have launched their flat-bottom fishing-dinghies and we’ve met our first new friends on this journey; two brothers from France. The older one (65) a highly educated medicine man quit his job years ago to work within holistic medicine and the younger one (61) is doing a canoe-trip of northern Scandinavia to figure out whether he will stay in Europe or return to India where he had been living for the past 35 year-ish or so.

FF Harry resting after 3 hours of full sun

As you might’ve guessed. We’re back in Tøcksfors to divert some electricity. We are of course looking into other more wannabe-legal ways to charge our batteries, but we were powerless, broke and also we wanted to abduct some old tires to protect FF Harry from scratches back in camp. We’ll return to camp (and to have another amazing feast with our new French friends) tomorrow. Mission completed.