Simbas last day onboard

Yup, he has really taken his role as a shipmate seriously. He has been with us since long before the beginning. But it’s time for Simba to get all four legs back on land. At least for a while. It took a few days in the beginning for the poor guy to get comfortable with his new floating reality, but as the awesome kittycat he is – he took to spend the hot summerdays onboard eating and shitting like a real shipcat do. And we haven’t seen any mice so he must’ve been doing his thing. But like the real pirate cat he have learned to become – he doesn’t have the neccesary papers to live or even be outside the borders of Norway. But since we consider FF Harry both stateless and sometimes a little Norwegian, he has been within the laws onboard.

Simba may be shy, but he’s as barsk as a pirate can be!

Since our plan is to continue this journey through the EU we can not really travel with illegal imigrants onboard #ffharry. He’s been great company and has behaved like a cat. That is why in a couple of hours he will be kidnapped by uncle Sander in Østre Otteid. I’m sure he will miss us very much – especially now that he is finally back from his 9 day long solo-adventure in Töcksfors. Thanks to the tight cat-community and a littlebit of Facebook in this little swedish village we were never really conserned about his safe return to the ship. And voila, here he is packing his bags to go back to the safe haven of Lisleby, Norway. Besides, he would probably really prefer some better airconditioning than Harry can offer.

We serve basically all of Foxen, the northern part of Stora Le.

In other news; FF Harry is doing great! There is still weeks and hundreds of hours onboard before we leave this wonderfull lake. The heat is close to killing the woods and fires are raging everywhere in both sout Norway and Sweden. The crew has therefor desided to follow the fire prohobition, that now also includes sigarettes. We are serving dusins of canoists every single day from early afternoon to a long long time past bedtime. Orders are coming in by e-mail and instagram. We’ve had people waiting close to 48 hours before we can get them their fruit, candy, energybars or beer. If you are waiting for us, we are happy to say we will find you sooner or later.

Simba taking a cooling nap in the heatwave of 2018.

One small complaint: Swedes really suck on their dieselprices. We just paid 51 Euro for 27,3 liters. Giving us a running cost of over 2 Euro every hour.

But more good news: A new crewmember is joining us on monday! They come and go from all places, but this will be our third addition from Finnmark. We’ll of course be wishing him welcome like only pirates do.



A short update!

We meant of course to write a blog way sooner, but there is always something going on in our pirate-life. Besides of not having access to any well-functioning computer to write on – this is really the first day since our last post, I’ve had the time to sit down for a couple of hours. We’ve had guests and people to meet, a runaway cat to find, been busy getting our pirate-supermarket business going, and not to forget; a fantastic ship to take care of. 


We’ve just sent off our so far youngest crew-member on the bus back home. We named him Småblæik. And there is still a few hours before we get a new crewmember boarding for the week or weeks to come. We’ve also had a short visit from another pirate, but I won’t really say he has left us, yet, since most of his belongings are still in his tent. The cat took off too. He has been gone for five days now, probably hunting down the village-cats around.


FF Harry is doing good. He has not shown us any symptoms of trouble, which is good because we really need him to do his job as a merchant ship. We are now officially ready and have already been delivering beer and simple food to canoeists around the lake we are currently occupying. We do of course have some pretty steep prices, but then again we have had 4 pirates and a ship to pay for and the paddlers, mostly Germans, may, of course, feel free to paddle the 8 hours it would take them to get to the closest supermarket.


What else… There has been so much really! It’s hard to explain everything in one post like this. But we have been taking some great foto’s and they might do a better job describing the last week or two than we can manage in the amazing heat we are experiencing. Also, I should really be helping out with the cleaning of the ship and then go look for the cat. Again. 🙂