This is us

Many people out there are asking us why we are doing this. Why would we spend all this time exploring the free life and how is it possible? It might be hard to understand for some of you out there that we actually just want to be free. Free to do exactly what we want – In reality follow our dreams of traveling the world, to meet new people, culture and explore new places. We don’t want to feel trapped in places, societies or any institutions – but rather learn from experience and enjoy every single minute of life on this planet and beyond.

At the moment, none of us are aspiring to become anything but in touch with our true self and to merge this exploration with the world we live in. Since we were kids we wanted to see the world, and have also been doing this for years as backpackers. But our travels have tought us that there has been one important part of us missing in order to feel completely comfortable about this way of life. The safety of having your own bed available, to be able to close a door behind you, and to feel that you are staying in the safe comfort of your own home. To have a space to call your own. We would’ve easily bought a house (or rented one) but that would take away the traveling and explorer-part of our personalities, which isn’t who we are.

The answer for us was to turn towards the sea. To explore if this could be the solution to our quest of making life as comfortable as it can possibly get. This blog tells this story. It is an experiment in life, learning and about the possibilities of living as free beings for as long as humanly possible.

It would be an honor for us if you would follow our journey. Also if you think it is worth it – share it with others. Check in regulary for updates on our whereabouts. If we are ever close to where you live, let us know so we can meet up with you and share experiences in real life!

This is the fleet

Harry Louella

Was found on the Swedish edition of craigs-list and had the prize of 41.000 Swedish kroner. The length is 30 feet and the with is 3 meters. A huge upgrade from our previous ship (described further down). It also includes a 63 horsepower Bedford 220 four sylynder engine witch in short, is a lot more than we’d had before. But even more important – there is sails!


We spent about three-four weeks on preparing it for departure. Before we got her, it had been sitting on land for four years – poor thing. But we finally got her ready and are setting sail south the first week of october 2018!

Sadly we didn’t make it in time to move south befor the winter came around. And when we got trouble with the transmission we had to give up on outr hope of getting the ship down south. It was an amazing time onboard but we had to leave her for sale on Gryts Varv in eastern Sweden.

FF Harry

Was and will forever be our first ship. Not too big maybe, but with the biggest charm-level ever meassured on any waters. We bought the boat in Moss and took it from there to Fredrikstad. In many ways this represent the start of our journey. We didn’t check the boat out at all – and bought it unseen for 10.000 Norwegian kroner (about 950 Euro) It is 24 foot long and have a one-cylynder SABB engine with 10 horsepowers. We named it FF Harry because we planned from the beginning to spend a lot of time in Sweden and when Norwegians go shopping in Sweden, which is way cheaper because of the taxes, they call it a Harryhandel, or to go Harry-shopping. The FF’s means ForskningsFartøy, which is the Norwegian words for Research Vessel, we were after all venturing on a holistic research vessel.


It was built on Onsøy in Fredrikstad, Norway in 1981 and the engine was even older, made in 1976 in Bergen, also Norway. FF Harry has taken us first to Halden, where we did a land-transport through the forrest into Sweden. We spent the summer in the waters of Stora Le on the Swedish inland where we ran a pirate supermarked targeting mainly German canoists. It then took us all the way through Dalslands canal before crossing Väneren and forward through Göta Canal and then to Stockholm where we rested for a few days. We then took the journey up to Spillersboda wich was the end of our adventure with FF Harry. Winter was coming, and we had realized we needed a bit more space.