Scrapping all other plans. The ship is currently being prepared for another new and even longer venture than those attempted by this crew before. During the course of the next couple of months we are going to put another 1000 nautical miles under our belts. The ultimate challenge for these two captains; sailing close to the entire coast of Norway. If you know the area – There will be plenty of weather as the storms keep rolling in from the Norwegian sea. Both the boat, our skills and everything we know is going to be tested to the fullest. This is going to be awesome.  


Don’t worry, we are of course going to be careful. Nobody in their right mind would mess with the ocean this far north at this time of the year. We are expecting long days on the water when the weather is good enough and longer days in port when the opposite is true.

At the moment we are busy getting shit organized. Since this journey kind of got decided last minute (about two days ago) there is a lot to get in order. Originally we were actually setting course in the other direction in about four weeks. But when Captain Simen’s family set off to buy an entire Arctic campsite up north, we accepted the invitation to come help out for the season. Besides, I’m getting to see all of Norway’s famous enormous coastline.

The inside part of the boat is getting ready. We’ll start out on the deck tomorrow. Then there is a few purchases needed to be done regarding safety. Since we somehow ended up using all of our flares as firework on new years eve, our stock will have to be updated. Also we are investing in a couple of new sailing-suits that will keep us somewhat warm and floating in case one of us decide to take an unwanted bath in the freezing water. Departure is set to Wednesday or Thursday depending on the weather.

Yes, this is how a flare look like on camera..

As you might have noticed. The winter this year never really arrived in the lowlands. But as the world is entering February we are still expecting a few days in the reds, and a few narly storm-systems that will lock us in for days – if not longer. Still we are trying to make the trip before 17th of May, the Norwegian national day. That will give us about two and a half month and knowing us, this mean we’ll be rushing. It took us about 3 months to do the 755 nautical’s around the south of Sweden, and since this trip is a tad longer we’ll have to press on to make it in time. This will be a true expedition.

Captain Jack

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