One last push

Sailing this far north with one month left of the year is proving to have it’s own set of challenges. It’s not especially harder – just more unpredictable, kind of grey and wet. To make this short and sweet; we haven’t moved a single nautical mile since the last post. This little part of Gothenburg have been our home for the last week and we are getting a bit restless. The forecast keep promising better weather, but I have lost my faith in the weather-people. Below you can see the forecast for tomorrow and I’m writing this as heavy rain is hammering on deck above. As you can see – the snow is catching up with us it is due to fall tonight and it kinda sucks, cause we are just 3 days away from our final destination. 


We could of course just sail through it and act like awesomely though vikings, but I want to enjoy these last few days. Besides the temperature in Fredrikstad today is ten degrees colder than here today – and next week it is supposed to get down to minus 10 degree. And that’s fine, hey, we knew this was coming. And since it’s still a few weeks left till we actually have to be there, and we most likely will get our fair share of winter in the coming months anyway – We are happy to wait out any weather as long as we have shore-power to keep us comfortable. The alternative is harsh headwinds of 15 meters a second, two meter waves with slushy snow-rain whipping your face as you desperately try to avoid reefs, ships and shallow waters.. That simply won’t work for our poor old 30 year old sails that have already been mended four times during a total of about 25 hours so far since we started.

Captain Simen has done a great job cleaning out the slip cabins. The moist following time of the year, conditions and condensation is an everlasting project keeping on a distance. I’ve been drinking coffee. Together we have binge watched entire seasons of several series. I guess that’s the definition of passing time in a sailboat at bay in November.


I am not complaining. I’m actually having a great time! This stuff is part of the deal and we knew exactly.. well maybe not exactly what we were going into, but we knew that we were sailing into winter. As I have logged year after year of experience as a Norwegian, this is what non-skiing Norwegians do when the days turn short and the snow and cold come rolling in. We embrace the warmth of inside and stay there until May.

The plan forward is pretty easy. We are sailing north either tomorrow or the day after. But since the weather people cannot figure out what day the bad stuff will pass we’re awaiting a signal. If we sail tomorrow, the rain might have passed but the winds are totally going to crash our diesel-budget. It looks like Saturday morning will be the day. Maybe. Whenever it will be, to get to Fredrikstad all we have left is one last push to reach the end of this chapter (and the beginning of the next).

Captain Jack

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