Our week in Copenhagen

Oh Copenhagen, it is great to be back! Spending hours just walking around the different part of the city and all the sites to visit. Enjoying superb architecture and mild-ish temperatures. The flatness add to the experience by making movement easy and fun, we even got to ride on some electric kick-bikes – of course getting totally lost on the opposite side of town. Everything seem to follow it’s own time schedule and there is always some life to seek out. Onboard the ship we have decided to take it easy for a few days. Every minutes since we purchased the boat we have been somehow traveling about every day, now it was time for us to enjoy the little we have left of the autumn of 2019. 


Finding a reasonable guest harbour in Copenhagen could cost you quite a bit. But it could also go close to free if you take it easy and can settle for some awkward anchorages. Electricity is of course the joker in this game and privacy too. Luckily boats are still widely considered a no-go zone for petty theft so we feel very safe in Denmark’s capital when it comes to leaving the boat alone. We have enjoyed a few strolls along the canals. There is always room for a great conversation and the sprouting of ideas, and a short walk away, around the corner there is always a new adventures.


We found ourselves a couple of spots we could stay the night. For the weekend we had a visit from a crew-member that we haven’t seen since our summer on Foxen in 2018. Eimund came to enjoy the Danish capital for a couple of days before returning to Norway to take his driver’s license on Tuesday. He arrived something like six in the morning so a bit of sleep followed before we went on to explore the city together. Toward the end of the night, as we were checking out the infamous Christiania we crashed into two German hitchhikers in need of a place to spend the night, so without hesitation we booked them in on the ship.

It’s good to see that Copenhagen haven’t changed much. Everything is delightedly the same and I personally love the city. Saturday afternoon we decided to move the boat in downtown. This mean we got to tie the boat on the opposite of the bay from the Opera-house – I’m pretty sure a hotel-room in this area costs thousands. But there is nowhere like home and we are loving it.


We also had time to celebrate my birthday. November 10th is a day to be remembered. There was a plan to celebrate last years birthday in this town, but instead we ended up in Greece, what a life.. Of course, our stay here this time around is strictly a visit and we will be heading towards Norway again shortly. We will have forever of time to get there, but my guess is that it will take us about a month.

Captain Jack

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