Port of call: Kalmar

We are in preparations of a longer sail. It should take about 13-18 hours depending on the wind. Since it’s still a couple of days from now and the weather this time of year is a bit unpredictable we are finding ourselves awaiting the right time. For avid sailors this do probably not sound like a big thing, and it probably won’t be, but since this will be our first night-sail with our new ship we are pretty excited. For now we are enjoying the great city of Kalmar, which I would like to highly recommend a visit. 


Kalmar have been on our list on ports of call since before we arrived in Sweden about a month ago. In the year 1397 the Kalmar Union was approved in Kalmar castle, and effectively unified all of Scandinavia as one union under the rule of one queen – Margrete I. This era lasted until it collapsed on 1523 and by that time this election-monarchy included the Scandinavian countries, Shetland, Greenland, Faeroe Islands and Iceland, counting about 3 million people.


Today Kalmar is a big city with about 40 thousand people. It is very flat, making the bikes you can borrow for free at the tourist office an absolute pleasure. The whole city have a good vibe to it and offer a mix of old-town, modern buildings and great history. It is today, as of 2010, a university-city.

Rich on it’s history it has also provided us with a whole lot of things we needed on board. We have proudly added another battery, a huge one of 120 amp hours, and finally, the best thing so far, and a year overdue – a new laptop. I don’t ever have to write blogs on my phone again. This of course have dug deep into our treasure-chest but we live on 2019, a laptop is a necessity.


The guest harbor in town is one of the higher priced one, but it also offer all the amenities we were looking for. We had our first good shower since Valdemarsvik and could do laundry. The tourist office had bikes we could use and of course the location is perfectly situated next to a shopping center and the old town. I finally got the foresail down to mend five minor holes in it. It took forever, so it better hold. I guess that new sails probably wouldn’t hurt, but we’ve got to work with what we have for now.


The only things left on our list for our stay is to bunker diesel and stock up on some food items. A cleanup is also necessary, thinking back I have no idea how we fitted everything we own in our previous boats. It’s true what I’ve heard – you can never get enough storage in a boat. For now we will enjoy this sunny Saturday in town before we set sail tomorrow morning.


One more thing, we have finally got a flag. This will be the first time we sail a Norwegian flag since the Swedish sea rescue crashed into us and broke ours off – pretty much exactly one year ago.

Captain Jack