Alongside Öland

My mother is correct, we are moving slowly. There is plenty of reasons for this, mainly because we have the time. Other factors are incorporating winds, blasphemic rain and a mix of these reasons in order to save valuable diesel. Just today we have sailed for eight hours. Having had a pretty good speed averaging about four knots we still didn’t get that far. The reason being a headwind that we just can’t seem to shake off. Not to worry, it’s a great way to sharpen our sailing-skills. But it is also hard on our poor old foresail and one of these evenings when it’s not raining I’ll have to patch it up on a couple of places.


Of course, all of these breaks give us a lot of time to enjoy being back in a boat. We have had some great evenings, had time to read books and cook awesome boat-food. We also have time to go sightseeing, find all the half price offers in the stores, write, contemplate, talk, discover and rediscover ourselves. The most important thing I have found personally is how time slow down, everything move in a different pace. It’s a great feeling to be able to live your own time to the fullest. All the time.


After leaving Oskarshamn we actually made it all the way to Öland with our mainsail holding just fine this time. Captain Simen had a couple of days with bad sleep and a bit of a fever. Just not being at a hundred percent, but he’s not one for complaining – that’s my job. We arrived in Sandvik just as the sun said good night and the moon came flying with rain. Sandvik is a small place. Not many house and I couldn’t really find any people either, except an crooked old couple in the store. I guess this is one of these places where old Swedish humans thrive and a nice place for every one else to visit in the summer.


They do have this awesome windmill though! It can be seen miles away and is truly beautiful. It’s also the world’s largest mill-museum if I read the poster correctly. Otherwise it looked like a place where they do like to celebrate their October, they had some kind of happening last week and the village center had plenty of pumpkins spread around.


Today I woke up as early as nine and after tree mugs of coffee, reading a chapter in my book, doing some writing and had breakfast the only thing to do was to get the boat working and us out sailing. Simen woke up a bit later, but didn’t miss much since by that time I had tacked twice and was still at the same latitude due to the beloved winds. At some point we passer from 57 to 56 degrees North, wuhoo! The winds luckily turned a bit and we were able to complete the 8 hours described above. But it didn’t matter. The weather was the best we’ve had since we started. With good speed and a warming sun on basically flat water you can deal with anything.


We sailed well into the darkness and docked in Borgholm just as today’s only rain touched base and effectively stopped my plan of patching the sail.

Captain Jack

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