Goodbye Malta

With less than 75 hours left on the island time has proven suddenly to speed up. There is so much to take care of, and the time left is shrinking by the minute. Unusable clothes are to be given away to people in need, the crock-pot has to go on sale, all the things need to be sorted and packed. There is cleaning to be done, washing, emptying, inspections and goodbyes.

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The big fountain in Valletta

I hate moving, or i strongly dislike it, and have been trying to get away from it for years. One thing is whenever you are backpacking and you feel a certain enjoyment of packing your backpack ever so often, or rolling your tent together just to throw it back in the canoe for another wild day of adventure. But when you are packing your whole life in one suitcase and one carry-on to travel somewhere in the ballpark of 2722,57 kilometers, it get a bit more complicated, and heavier. Once again I’m crossing my fingers that this will be a smooth ride and the next move will be years in the future.

Our journey to come.

We get lots of questions of tho why we are traveling to Sweden to find our new ship. Answer is simple; After having spent the winter looking for boats around the Mediterranean our conclusion is simply that boats in Northern Scandinavia are the cheapest of the whole continent – Much to our surprise. But then again we are both looking forward to the cold north and the need for long underwear and rustic, mostly left to our self on the waters in the cold season. If you look away from the huge transport vessels of oil or gas tankers, container-ships and midsize fishing boats of course.

Tonight we’ll go out for a few beers, the last ones in the country – if you’re not counting the complementary breakfast-drinks at the airport Thursday morning. It’s kind of a goodbye get-together with colleagues from work. It will be a nice break before it’s back to laundry and preparing the apartment for landlord-inspection. Not to forget I still have two shifts left as a casino-worker on Malta.

Teambuilding on a catamaran with boss.

The island have been good to two pirates from Norway. But to be brutally honest; this country is not our scene. As you might have gathered, the temperatures are too hot and at least in the parts we have been moving around it’s way too many people, construction, and tourism for our liking. This said, it’s a beautiful country in many ways and I wouldn’t be surprised if we decide to swoosh by when we’re in the area – during winter months.

We still have a couple of days left, but we are fully booked for the rest of our time here. Therefore we would like to thank everyone we have met, gotten to know and befriended during our stay. I hope to see you all again very very soon! Goodbye Malta.

Captain Jack