3 more weeks

The sky is flaring in smoke and colors around the clock, the explosions throughout the island frighteningly resemble times of war and unrest. But this is Malta, the pulsating country of extreme heat and festivities all year along. I’ve been mostly pleasantly shielded from the rivers of tourists, despite basically living on the Beverly Hills of Paceville. Having found the darkest of alleyways to maneuver between my need-to-go destinations – Strolling the shaded side of siesta-infested streets with a sweat soaked shirt. sunglasses and melting ice cream dripping along my way to work. 

The Captains assortment of food

We are pretty sure we have found our new ship. But as we have learned; nothing is a 100% before the papers are signed and we hoist the main in open water for the first time. I don’t want to jump the gun, but we are currently not looking further. For now it looks like we are flying into Arlanda, Stockholm in less than a Gregorian month.

Once again we’ll be sailing the famous Swedish archipelago. They say that third time is the charm, and this time we also get to experience the inner waters of the Swedish capital. Mälaren is raging 0,7 meters above sea level and covers an area of 1 072 km². Back in the Stone-age the area used to be a fjord of the Baltic Sea, but about a thousand years ago it was slowly separated from the open water by an post-glacial land rise. By the end of the Viking age the water stood 5 meters higher than it does today.


From here, after passing through Stockholm, there is no plan really. Not yet. I suppose we’ll make up the plan as we go and journey day by day. Fitting the ship for expedition, get a feeling for the vessel and test it’s abilities. I really can’t wait. All we can ask for now is some nice-weathered months before Scandinavian winter hit good.

For now we are stuck in a planning phase. It sucks, but we are making the best of it. We are studying maps, plotting potential crossings and making sure we are on top of the equipment situation. There is still the task of getting together the cash, but it should work itself out. On the flip-side – Airplane tickets are safely booked and paid for. Be aware, we’re on our way.

Captain Simen smiling for the camera

Guess this is bad news for those of you that were planning on visiting us, but time has come to breath some real Scandinavian air again. Saturday morning in 3 weeks and 1 day you’ll find us at the airport lounge sipping or last free drinks on the island hours before departure – Traveling tip for those saying that airport food is overpriced and unbearable. In the lounge they have free food, free internet, free drinks of all sorts and spacious waiting areas for a small fee only.

Captain Jack

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