Finding our new ship

As of right now, I believe we have full control of the Scandinavian market for sailboats within our criteria. Problem is that it is still a few weeks ahead so it’s hard to make any concrete plans with any of the sellers. There is no lack of potential ships and I have a strong belief that we’ll be able to find something even cheaper as we get closer to end of the Scandinavian summer. Who in their right mind would pay for winter storage and take all that work if they are planning to sell anyway..?


Since this whole adventure is done on a close to zero-budget, there are certain things we need to make sure are in order for us to even survive the first few months. The list below reflects our highest priorities.

28 foot plus
Since we are living onboard we have calculated that our minimum length is 28 feet. We don’t really have a max-length but it shouldn’t be too much boat either. This to keep running costs down. 
Working engine

Preferably not too big in order to keep diesel-costs down. We are looking at engines between 8 and 35 HP.  We don’t have a need to be fast moving, but rather an engine that can take a beating and cold nights.
All sails must be onboard and ready for use. We also need it to be a rolling jib and if possible also a nice Spinnaker.
No leaks
We’re done patching up ships before we can use them. The boat also need to have at least 2 working bilge-pumps. One may be manual. The tanks, both water and diesel, even grey water need to be completely sealed.
As we are not only traveling in warm summer weather we find this part very important in order to stay warm at sea during the colder seasons. This also allow us to take use of a bigger part of the boat when in harbour or at anchor even in cold weather.
In order to save money when at anchorage we find this a necessity. We are of course more than happy with oars, but a small engine wouldn’t hurt either.
Working electric system
This include batteries, fuses, lights and VHF and plotter.

Other equipment needed includes: Good ropes and anchor, fenders, tools, electronic, navigational, safety, and fishing-gear. And this is of course just to get us started 🙂 Nobody said it would be easy, but we do have the time for basically whatever. If we get the chance we will also make a visit to Harry Louella, where we have a bunch of stuff we could use for the new boat. So in a way I have a hope that we find our new vessel on the east coast of Sweden or at least somewhere in the Baltic.

As you can imagine, finding a boat with all of this stuff is not an easy task, especially when we don’t really know what our budget will be for sure. We will at the time we leave Malta, but for now we are fishing a bit in the blind. Planned departure is September 20th.

Captain Jack

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