I finally know what’s going on here!

I’m curious to see what life will bring tomorrow. We are seated by the poolside of our hotel – in the bay of Saint Paul about 30 minutes north of Valletta. The time is past bedtime for the younger generations, but this is our last day here. The last night at the Whitestar hotel, the hotel that used to be a privatly owned villa just last April. Team blue, the Pirates have encountered Malta.

Music flows from the yellow speaker that we found in a dumpster behind the shopping center. The one that we used to stock up our merchandice for our floating pirate supermarked onboard the FF Harry.

We traveled through some of the oldest channels in north of the European union. We visited Stockholm on our way to a tiny place called Spillersboda. Only in order to repair an old wooden fishing boat that someone had attatched a mast to sometime in time.

We spent two-ish months on the project and sat off to sea only to be rescued three times, and sunk twice. It was a great team exercise and we gained a whole bunch of experience and skills that will be totally necessary on our next ship. The Harry Louella is enjoying a small amount of snow, waiting for someone to discover it’s great potential. Someone that knows how to fix an broken, and slurry-making transmission.

We flew to the historic Athens, and somehow the birth of all democracy. The structure of the world as I know it forwarded us to Malta where I have got an job and tomorrow.. .

On Malta they have a lot of traffic. And you really got to hang on standing up on buses around the island. But the temperature! Oh my holy flaming ball in the sky! The temperature here is made for my sensitive skin.

We have been walking the streets of wonderful Malta for days to end. Tomorrow team blue are moving into their own sanctuary – on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

It’s supposed to be sunny tomorrow!

Captain Jack

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