The big jump south

It’s our third day at Arlanda airport outside Stockholm. We found ourselves a dark corner between a noisy escalator and an elevator. This turned out to be our home for two nights. I think I can say with confidence that the tree of us left in the crew are looking forward to some warm weather and to explore the birthplace of our modern society, the crib of known philosophy. We are flying in to Greece and our flight leaves in six hours.


We finnished up our packing and brought whatever we could carry of our belongings from Harry Louella, now for sale at Gryts Varv. After spending our last money on a taxi and then by bus from Valdemarsvik to Stockholm. Our plan was to meet up with our fourth crew-member at a hotel near the central station. But after hours of waiting he proved to be a no-show and since he was the one supposed to take care of the arrangements in the Swedish capital – we were suddenly, and very uncalled for, left to ourselves on the dark and freezing streets of this rich and cultural capital on a Saturday night.


The first snow has fallen. Temperatures are lurking around the red numbers. We somehow managed to get ourselves into a hotel by booking a double-room and sneak in an extra pirate for the night. It was of course late at night already but we all got a nice five hour deep sleep and a huge breakfast before we checked out, had the hotel take care of our bags, and started our long day of wandering the city. At this point we still had hopes for our crew-mate to show. We spent a few hours at an amazing library while we tried to sow together the new plan. By the afternoon we had decided that to wait around Stockholm would be both cold and expensive. We bought some cheap food at Lidl and booked bus-tickets for the airport.


Yesterday we finally got the money needed for tickets. We are setting course for a warmer climate just like the plan has been all along. We are of course not arriving by boat like we hoped – but we are arriving! None of us know for sure what tomorrow will bring, making this a huge new adventure with endless of options for happy endings. We are learning that the best crew is a crew that stand and works together no matter what happens. Like always – life must go on and we are going strong into our new pirate-situation down south.


Thanks for all donations to the homeless-pirate fund. It have been golden in this time of need! Next update will come from a place without snow and an nice extra 20 degrees. Enjoy your day and let us know if you have a potential pirate-ship available down there somewhere. You may of course also like this post and share it with someone you love or someone known to own a boat in the Meds.

Captain Jack

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