The pirates are in town

Sailing into the Stockholm means a lot of manouvering and hard work for the skipper. The local captain’s couldn’t care less about smaller pirate ships coming in to take over the city. But our eyes was set on the goal – we were on our way to celebrate Captain Simens birthday.


You can probably figure that this city is one of the most expensive places we have ever taken Harry. We therefore needed to use our skills as pirate negotiators to haggle on the price in Wasa guest harbour. We ended up saving about 30 euros and decided that we needed two nights in order to overcome the very much anticipated hungover.

Looking away from the fact that absolutely noone accept Euros in this supposed to be a member of EU-country, we managed to scrape together the cash for a decent birthday meal for the adventurous and highly likable, not to mention extremely handsome, Captain Simen. We went Italien and the food perfect. One of the servers as very nice, the other ome probably hated life in general. But we had our great time before seeking out the cheapst bar downtown Stockholm.


Back in FF Harry we was by a bottle of regular gin and sat down to enjoy the good sides of life. In the end Varg fell asleep on the dock while me and simen waited around for a man from the Swedish radio to onterview us. We haven’t actually heard the interview yet – but since it was live, we were high on life and gin.. I suppose it can’t be too bad of a morning interview that went out to all of the good Swedish people.


We have spent today recyceling bottles and taking good care of each other. Also we got to see some of the capital in daylight before we returned to the harbour to take care of loundry.

Captain Jack


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