How to get to Stockholm

We are finally on our way. It’s not easy for pirates to wake up at seven in the morning, just to pack and get their asses on the ship. It would of course be easier if they all woke up on a bigger vessel – and that will happen in a few weeks. For now we have just left the secret Pirate Bay for the last time this season, gone through our first three locks in Lennartsfors and are motoring our way down Lake Lelång. The crew have had enough coffee for a small army, and we are ready for adventure!

Varg, Lone and Snorre fighting the powers of sleep.

Yesterday we first spent a great time saying our goodbyes in Töcksfors. We’ve made several good friends during the summer. The little village has been very good to us, and it has been a great place to stock up for our pirate supermarket, have a beer or two, charge our batteries and spend some time in more social areas whenever needed. We may be a little tired of huge shopping centers and overcrowded parking lots – Being followed by security guards and seeing garbage piled up in any corner, ditch or sidewalk, that’s what civilization will give you.

But the people have been nice. The Töckforsians proved to be reliable kind of humans. Very friendly and always with big smiles and interest in strangers.

Joe’s Diner at the mall gave us a goodbye iscream-meal with Belgium waffles gift. Thank you.

The crew at the moment counts five as we head for our first bigger stop; Vänern. To get there we will have to pass twenty-four locks. Not cheap, the whole ordeal costs 260 Euro. A little more than we want to spend right now. But on the other side we have known this for months and also, our fundraiser is starting to pick up. As this is being written we have 3371 kroner funded. It’s still a long way to go before we hit 40.000 (4000 euros) but we have faith! “Yes, yes” you say “don’t buy a sailboat if you can’t afford it!” But we have to, the crew is in need of indoor accommodation and also Harry is not fit to sail on open water.

This said, please don’t hesitate about lending us a hand here. If you can only give 1 euro that’s a big big help and also thank you for showing us your support. Remember that all who donates will receive a postcard, hand-drawn of FF Harry by Mathilda Höjdemo, in the mail.


There is also other ways to help us:

Paypal to:

Direct transfer to Norwegian bank: 1202.33.61858

Vipps: 40468611

If none of these works for you – please contact us. We’ll find a way! And thank you SO much to those who allready contributed to make THIS happen:


But first of all, we want to have a great adventure venturing through the canals of Sweden. Most of the crew has never visited the Swedish Capital and we are also expecting more crew to join us in a week or two. For now, we are all very excited to be on our way.

FF Harry relaxing behind Lily before entering our first lock of this epic journey.

Next port of call: Billingsfors.

Captain Jack

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