It’s Sunday. The last one we have in Pirate Bay at least as of this year. As per usual I have some time to write before the other pirates wake up – demanding coffee and breakfast. The wind is a bitch today and since it’s no fun being outside right now I found the time to reflect on the people met and the pictures taken this so far on this life changing adventure we have embarked on. 


Now, before writing any further, I want to ask for your help. We will of course find a way for us to go on, but we really want to expand and make space for all of our pirates onboard. In order for us to do this as soon as possibly and most neccesary before winter shows up – We have found our new pirate-ship. It’s not a whole lot bigger and in all modesty very cheap. We have started a fundraiser on GoFundMe and I ask in the most possible humble way if you may be able to contribute with what you can. There is no shame in 50 cents, every single bit helps. So please follow this link: THIS BLUE TEXT IS THE LINK to read more about the campain. Everyone that helps out will get a special postcard of FF Harry, made by a local artist, Mathilda Röjdemo from Töcksfors. Just make sure you send us your adress 🙂 If you want to contribute more directly please don’t hesitate to contact either me, Captain Jack, or the handsome Captain Simen.


When we started our journey from Fredrikstad, Norway in May – there wasn’t much of a plan. Other than finding a place to put up our camp, plant some vegetables and figure it out on the way. Three months later we have made hundreds of friends, taken thousands of pictures, became somewhat of a famous ship on the lake, and as it turned out – we found our calling as holistic pirates.


Throughout the weeks past, the crew have shifted as pirates have had time to join us. Some have flown in from the great far north, traveled 3000 kilometers just to be with us. Others came paddeling straight into our very own, and may I say, very well hidden Pirate Bay.


We have arranged full moon parties, other huge parties and we have been the township for canoeists stuck in the wind. We have hunted away people from illegal bird sanctuary islands, been the nose and eyes for the fire department on the water during a fire – and arranged for an ambulance at several occasions. In a way, I’m proud to say, we have been pirate rangers. The main goal has allays been to make sure that as many as possible, us included, had a great experience at Lake Foxen this summer.


We have had a great time with many of the locals and we have made the #ffharry something to be proud of. There is of course a lot of people to thank in the process and you are of course all on our list for the special postcard hand-drawn and printed just for friends of FF Harry and his Captains with crew. (I would love to show you the postcard, but it’s way to exclusive to be printed as a digital copy.)


As you probably know by now, we are setting the course toward the Swedish capital very soon. It has been a blast on Foxen, but I would be lying if I said that we are not looking forward to new places, new people and new experiences. We are after all a holistic research vessel before the pirates we have been known to be. We will of course keep sailing our very own handmade pirate-flag. But this journey is about more than piracy. It’s about living life as interesting as possible. And in a way where we can connect with great people, learn from your culture and hopefully give you a wonderful experience back.


The pirate supermarket is closed. We worked 14 hour days, 6 days a week. The poor engine has really proved it was up to the test and that we can trust it for many miles more. The money made is just enough to get us to Stockholm. You can just imagine the price for the whole ride: there is 11 Euro for each lock – 64 of them, then diesel, oil and food for the crew. I want to say especially a big thanks to all of you that used the Pirate Supermarket, and know that the money is going to be well spent.


This brings us back to our fundraiser. This is a friendly request – not an order from the Captains. We could really, really, really use your help. Our hopefully new ship is located just north of Stockholm. We have a long journey ahead of us, and as a Captain I would feel much better about taking our crew on this journey in a tiny-bit bigger boat. One with sails that is. One where can all sit inside to eat and sleep. Not having to cook on the engine-top would also be a big step in the right direction. The autumn rains and the colder winds are also going to make this hard for us unless we upgrade in the near future.


All the pictures in this post is from Instagram and the hashtag #ffharry. Thank you to all photographers! If nothing else it would be awesome if you followed our hashtag, this blog and jackmikkel + simengeorg on instagram. Also, if you have any great memories with us, it would be fantastic if you posted them under the hashtag #ffharry on Instagram. We would love to bring you with us to the next chapters of this adventure. Also we are still going to host the Foxenfestival outside Lübeck, Germany where we invite all we have met, will meet and friends of friends to a nice get-together when we get there. Stay connected to get the exact time and place!


For good measure HERE is the link to our crowdfunding one more time 🙂 Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab so you can keep reading about our amazing adventures so far.

All the best from the Captains,

Jack and Simen


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