Pirates to the rescue

The winds were in charge yesterday. It’s the first time both captains ordered life-jackets on deck. The waves measured 1,5-2 meters and the canoeists didn’t stand a chance. Lucky bucky, it didn’t rain – the only issue was a little crisp wind from the south east of 47 km/h. This would of course be fine if we didn’t get stuck on a reef in the middle of it all – But all went well. During the day we had three rescue missions and one big transport back to the redcoats base-camp – before our own safe return to Pirate Bay.

This windstuck policeman managed to take a swim in the storm and sink his canoe before we returned him to friends. Foto: Snorre

The ducklings have grown up. I’m not actually sure if they have been mentioned in the blog, but there has been a couple of flocks around the bay which has now grown up to be big birdies. I am happy to report just saw them well and healthy when I ate my morning apple a few minutes ago.

FF Harry drifting for the sunset. Foto by Instagram: expl0re_n4ture

Our shop is temporary closed. There is way to much stuff to handle before our departure in a few days. We are planning a trip to Tøcksfors on probably Monday. There is a couple of packages waiting for us, a pirate to pick up, and food need to be stocked for the journey ahead. But before this happens – camp need to be pretty much closed down for the winter.

Lone and Snorre – pirate recruits

Lucky for us, we still have our two new recruits onboard. Snorre and Lone, They will most likely have a blast helping out the next couple of days. Also because there is supposed to be heavy rain starting in a few hours. My honest opinion is that meteorologists and shoemakers should reconsider their professions, none of them have any idea of what they are doing. Shoemakers these days, at least the one we have talked to, have never made a shoe – and the weathermen have been mostly wrong all year long. But. There is chance that it’s going to rain constantly for the next 20 hours.

Please consider taking a look at our fundraiser on gofundme: THIS IS THE LINK

This is Captain Simen wanting you to check out and help us with our fundraiser.

The clouds are coming. Wind is picking up again. It will rain for sure. I have to go save everything out of the way. Nice blogging to you, see you soon, bon voyage!

Captain Jack

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