Pirates know how to party

How is it even possible to describe the people, the connections, and the atmosphere that sum up this week.. I could try, but it would be as hard as remembering the names of all the amazingly fantastic people we’ve met. It started with a hundred bangs. Thor was angry and he made the sky cry for us. Our garden got some real rain and the ship a much needed wash.

Varg enjoying life.

As per usual on Monday afternoons – we went shopping. But since the local sheriffs are looking for the pirates we decided to sluice our way to civilization. Free again, the guy running the place has a huge heart for Harry and was probably a pirate in previous lives. We went shopping. Got 20 cases and hoped it would last. It didn’t.

Beer arriving.

By the end of two days later we realized we had to order more. Luckily we’ve made friends and was able to get 15 more cases. Of course Paul had to buy a car in order to transport this massive load all the was from Gothenburg, but it happened. And a lot of people will be forever thankful.

“Arrrh”, you might think, and so did we when we before we knew it had 30 people visiting the secret pirate bay Friday night. Some were people found on illegal bird sanctuaries, some had been doing business with us for days. Some had just heard the rumor of the lake and some just happened to be in the area. The setup was awesome – and totally paid off. Not much is needed to say, except as this text is being written I’m the only one still awake in our camp. It’s eight o’ clock on Saturday night.

Canoists arriving.

It would be unfair to describe every detail of the week. You’d get totally jealous of our life and we don’t want that for you. I want to thank every single person we have met, and every soul we have raged. The pirates will live on and with the smiles on your faces we can deal with life for a lot longer than expected.

Canoists leaving.

Note that Scamtrack has prohibited all use of fires, gas stoves and cigarettes. Two groups was sent home this week. Why they treat grown up people like a kindergarten is a question still to be answered, but you can’t really blame them. There is a lot of canoeists out there that have never even been close to nature, and with all love and respect: Take care, be safe, and don’t fuck up.

Captain Jack


2 thoughts on “Pirates know how to party

  1. Hi Jack & crew

    the redcoats, a.k.a. scandtrack are not responsible for the local fire and cooker ban.
    That is a decree from the County Administrative Board of Värmland:

    “Fire ban in Värmland County
    Due to the high risk of wildfires in the area, the County Administrative Board of Värmland has issued a general fire ban in Värmland. The ban covers all outdoor heating, including specially adapted campfires and barbecue areas as well as the use of portable liquid and gas cookers.”

    We should all make sure to preserve this place in all its beauty. Amen to your last lines. Stay safe, take care – Love


    1. Ahoy!

      We are aware of this and respect you guys very highly for taking the ban seriously. So are we – and we are happy to report that your message has been planted into the canoists. We havent seen a single fire (or smelled one) in at least a week.

      The only reason for the note in our blog was the fact that the rumor aroumd the lake was that someone had been sent home, and we just love when everyone stays happy even when bad stuff happens. No hard feelings, you redcoats are awesome!

      Captain Jack


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