At last

It was dark. Pitch dark. My barefoot feets was planted on the warm rocks in Pirate Bay. I could hear it coming towards me across the water. The wind had spent the last few hours sending warnings from the east, and Thor had allready proven he was likely to explode within minutes. The preassure throughout the week had been building toward this exact moment. The heat had broken all historic records just hours before. We had been waiting for months.

And then it came. Not slowly or quiet, but like a waterfall, like a gift from the universe. We screamed toward the sky and could feel the forrest wake up ta a gigantic show, a miracle and blessing from the sky was finally here.

I hurried inside our holstic research wessel and pushed my face toward the plexiglasswindows. The hard drops could easily be felt through the thick material and the sky flaired with huge flashes. The lightningshow we needed to really enjoy this long wanted miracle. At first i thougt we had a leak in the ceiling, but soon realized it was tears of joy.

Sound of thunder rumbeling over the water and sometimes making the ship vibrate in until now unknown resonanses. We went to bed after hours of just taking everything to our hearts – and behind the darkest sky in months, the last energy of the full moon sent psycotic dreams from other dimentions.

The next morning it was over. Sometime during the night it had all cleared up. But the forrest had gotten it’s first real wash this summer and were now ready for new lifechanging adventures.