Another week is over

Clouds are covering the sky and rain is supposed to hit us any minute. The crew onboard has decided it is time for us to take a couple of days in our secret camp located in the pirate bay. Me, I had enough this morning when I dropped a cannonball on my left big toe. We are taking this opportunity of what is supposed to be a couple of days with “bad” weather to clean up the ship, camp, ourselves and get our heads back in place before launching a new week of merchant-labour between the hundreds of canoeists surrounding the lake.

Visiting one of the camps in need of some pirate care.

The last week has been long and amazing, so many things have happened – so many canoeists have been met. The rumor of the FF Harry has given us 16 hour workdays. We are of course very sorry that we couldn’t reach you all. There is in reality just way to many thirsty paddlers around. However – we have had a blast of a time with those of you we spent time with! Those we talked to for a few minutes, but maybe mostly those we spent a whole day, evening or an hour with.

Even though there is more than enough to do when daylight is frying our brains, you guys can not even imagine how many flashlights trying to get our attention there is as soon as the darkness swallow the amazing nature surrounding us all over the lake.

Eating huge burgers with our kidnapped crew on Joe’s diner.

Alright, a short, and confused summary from the Captains Log: After two extremely long days of work we kidnapped two canoeists in the middle of the night and brought them to the secret camp in pirate bay to party. The next morning we took them all the way up past The bridge to civilization to Töcksfors, had an amazing burger-meal, and spent a nice evening at the local pub before all of us that didn’t fit onboard collapsed on the dock. Next morning we had to sluss our way up to the place where we get our goods and also sent the canoeist away on the bus to Oslo before having meatballs for breakfast at Joe’s Diner.

After yet another loooong day of work we met up with first one group of amazing people, then continued on to work for another few hours before ending up in the camp of yet another thirsty group we had promised to meet up with. But our daily round was still not over and there was flashing lights from all the islands on the lake. We simply had to put most of our new friends onboard and continue on with our mearching. Maybe it was already at this point our newest crew-member met his future wife to be.

Towing canoists across the windy waters.

Anyway, after another couple of hours it was time to call it quits for the day. We ended our round with a stop with two friends we had met on Saturday. Dennis, and this Indian guy which name is lost but he had still not been in the water. He couldn’t swim, even though Dennis promised us to give him a lesson. Of course, right after he bought his very much wanted expensive pack of cigarettes he had to take a bath in the water as he fell out of our ship. It was the most expensive cigarette of his life.

Back in the other camp we made a little party. After all this was the first day of the full moon. Of course without any fire. The canoeists are not even aloud to use their gas-stoves anymore because of the fire hazard. It got late and by the end we left Varg in the camp with his new flirt before the two captains sat course for the pirate bay. We didn’t get far, and decided to drop anchor a nautical mile later.

The next day, yesterday, we sold everything we needed without even starting the engine. People came to us and we decided to organize a full moon party at a small island a bit further north. Both inviting the first group we visited and the one we had spent the night with. When Dennis and the bad swimmer showed up we then brought the whole group, towing their canoes away from the deadly sun an into to shade of The sacred place.

A few hours later we took all the canoes back across the water and met up with the other party-people on full moon island. There wasn’t very much beer left, but we had a couple of cases and tortillas for all! It was a very nice evening. Great way to get to know new friends and put strangers together successfully.

The next morning we towed them all back to Lennartfors where they all had canoes to return, buses to catch and new adventures awaiting in the days to come.

Here comes the rain and lightning! Time for us to seal up the ship and eat some pirate-ravioli.

Captain Jack


One thought on “Another week is over

  1. We had such a nice time with you guys. Hope to see you in Germany soon. By the way the name of the indian guy is Pradeep :).



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