Wednesday morning onboard

Ahoy! It’s Wednesday morning. We have just finished our morning coffee and for once the sky is partly cloudy. Didn’t really stop the heat from waking us up at respectively 7 and 8 in no particular order – giving us something like a 2-3 hour sleep. But everybody knows that pirates doesn’t really sleep unless they pass out. We’ve been working hard for the last couple of days and are now debating whether Wednesdays is a good day for days off. Problem is the same as usual; all the canoeists are craving beer, soft drinks, candy and bread in this inhuman stroke of sun-blast summer, and we are all out again. This of course is no problem, there will always be more to come. But this morning it seems like we should prioritize our dishes. There is no more forks left. 

Fotos by Britt Marie Nilsson, crew onboard Big Mama

We have made friends with several of the locals too, not only the wonderful canoeists (and recently also some kayakists) we see every day. This of course was probably just a question of time, since we are smoothly sailing the only pirate-ship around. It is however very nice to finally have confirmed that the word of the lake is of the positive kind. Not like some countries where pirates are met with water canons, machine-guns and hangings. A big shutout to Big Mama! We’ve been trying to contact this wonderful SABB-running vessel for weeks, and yesterday we were finally able to bord the ship on our way, delivering an order to some very patient campers in DANA-camp 16. Great crew and great dancers onboard what the Captain called his blues-boat!

The Captain of Big Mama is checking out the ship.

In other news, we are still waiting for our new crew-member who seemingly has gotten lost somewhere in the woods outside Oslo. Last contact made last night and there is a possibility for boarding today.

Simen, the handsomest pirate in the world, getting ready for another typewritersession.

No news from Simba, but like we tell our parents: no news, is good news. Go out, enjoy the sun. Order something from FF HARRY and follow us on instagram @simengeorg, @jackmikkel and #FFHARRY.

Pirates Out

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