FF Harry the merchant

We are proud to present our new bussiness. Earlier mentioned, we didn’t care too much about those canoeist. Now they are paying our bills and in addition giving jobs to the crewmembers. There are litterary hundreds of canoe-people being shipped in from Germany by busses and it would be unfair to our cashflow not to take anvantage of this whole situation. The pirate-supermarked has been running for a week and it’s fair to say that the payoff is good. Of course, keeping a crew of 3 fed and diesel for the ship also has it’s costs. But then again, we are the only supermarked around. Meaning the canoists would spend an entire day of their weeklong journey just to get a case of beer or some snack, toiletpaper, sunscreen or candy. 


We should also mention that all cash coming in is essential for us sluice ourself all the way to Stockholm in a month or so. We meet a lot of great people everyday and try not to disturb those who came to enjoy just the nature. Right now we have just finished a long day of work and are heading for Töcksfors to drop off our latest crew-member. He’s catching the bus to Oslo and then a flight to Alta. Like mentioned; the days pass by like they where never even there. The heat is controlling everything and lucky for us – that brings us a lotsof thirsty germans. Of course we see some other nationalities as well, but the German people really seem to like the idea of canoeing ((even though they seem to have a little trouble getting into the whole paddle-towards goes forward, paddle-away goes backwards. Then again they have to work together to make it all work out in then end. When they are finally back i  camp- FFHarry comes around with some snacks, beer,cigatettes and candy and we’ready for a new round tomorrow.


Tonight we are staying in Tőcksfors. The town is allright, but has really nothing too it unless your a Norwegian looking for sweedt deals on food, candy and tobacco. Which we will need for the coming days. We wish we had a way to store cold beverages, meat and that kind of stuff. Many has been asking us, for both cold drinks and meat, nothing we can do… sorry. Global warming is here…


Thais will be the update of the week. We have stuff to take care of, mouths to feed and way too much to do before the big freeze comes around in a few months.


This said, we do accept donations.. as allways. 😏


Another short update