It’s a pirate life for us!


We have operated with an extended crew onboard this week. Pirates have come from distant places to join our new and secretive pirate-camp in an undisclosed bay in Stora Le. There have been explorational sightseeings to sacred places and long hauls through wind and sunny weather. We transformed a bewildered soul from the metropolitans of Europe to a though pirate – and worked through all sort of issues that can only come from life in society. 

The essence is real onboard this bus



The days onboard is no longer divided into days of the week. We are now free floating through life and have learned to accept all challenges heading our way. Visiting pirates and thereby new members of the crew have been met with life-changing experiences. Life with Harry and the pirate-camp have proved itself to be sustainable.

Of course, there will always be things we need to figure out. Like how to charge our batteries, how to train reliable crew and how to keep the ship afloat. These are only challenges and we have all the time in the world! For the next few days or maybe weeks, Harry will hopefully get some quiet days while we tend to our camp, fields and other plunders.

Blæiks last night around the fire, with handcrafts and conversations of dimensions

The last blogpost, the report of Blake the adventurer, will have to be continued in a coming post. It didn’t take too many hours before we found the cityboy half-shipwrecked on a small island – just waiting for the pirates onboard to take him under their wings. But we also got two visitors from the Norwegian capital and another one from the city of which we started this journey. Tomorrow we will set sail for Ed, the southmost point of Stora Le to plunder the town and send off the last of our temporary crew with the train. Thank you all for visiting, we all gained the necessary perspective needed.

It’s not all work and whips aboard FFHarry, someone enjoying the off-duty-duty

Looking for new pirates
We will soon be looking for pirates to join us on the adventures journey to the Swedish capital at the end of summer. Some that have already left might come back, but will also be needing fresh blood onboard! There will only be space for 4 additional crewmembers. We are looking for adventurers that could make good use of themselves onboard FF-Harry for a couple of weeks in August, maybe September – More information on this will be released in a few weeks! Another very good reason to follow and share this blog.

Ship out!

The Captains

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