Harry is a fighter!

We’ll just have to start this post off with a huge thank you to all friends and supporters of FF Harry. The ship is back on water thanks to a lot of support, help, and advice from our on and offline-followers! It has been a rough couple of days, but it seems we are not taking in any substantial amount of water anymore – we’ll give him a couple more days in the lake just to be sure. We have a good feeling. Besides – it just has to be working; All resources are drained for the coming couple of months. 

At the time we got to Tøckfors two days ago we were taking in as much as 120 liters of water every 30 minutes. We managed to keep the leakage in check by nailing down the broken beam that somehow had released the pressure to one of the nails holding the wooden boards together. It’s hard to say whether the wood has cracked because of damage from the wooden box the previous owner had made for storage and sleeping, or if our drastic decision to move Harry from a lifetime in saltwater have washed away some much-needed protection. We are however very proud to say; We have not crashed the boat or damaged anything on the ship, nor was there any evidence to show we ever did. Apart from those rusty nails and a loose plugs (now all coated and protected), Harry’s bottom proved to be in a very good shape.

It took a forever long time to get a hold of our insurance company. Once we did, there was basically no help to get. They said we had to be all the way under water before they would give any assistance. They reasoned this with us not having crashed the boat. But we were still sinking and had to get out of the water asap. We managed to get them to take the bill for the boat being lifted out, but not anything else.. In the end, we found a nice man that offered to do the job for 100 kroner (we gave him 300) this of course not worth the paperwork with our insurance. NO thanks to If. Besides our new hero, Berra also gave us something to coat the bottom with, a latter and his tractor with a trailer for two days. We wanted to give him more – but when everything else needed was bought and paid for, that was all there was left. Berra was happy to help, and it seems the locals, in general, has come to appreciate the presence of FF Harry.


The job of fixing the hull and prevent future problems was a hot experience. Working with tar and cold-asphalt in our warmest day so far was a huge task in itself. We are not complaining, just saying it could be nice with a couple of hours of rain soon. Just a couple of hours…

This has been a learning experience. I can now proudly say we know how to plug a boat. We now also know that Harry is in good condition for the foreseeable future and are more than ready to continue on. In the question of the grease cup – everything is good and had nothing to do with the source of our problem.

Simba will probably also be very happy in a couple of hours when we once again set sail southward on Foxen and Stora Le. He’s not very much of a strange noises and people-kitty and is longing back to his forest-camp where he can rest in silence between the trees and not use his inboat-wiggely-stupid-toilet.

There are many people to thank. We appreciate your support, help and warm thoughts, you are now embedded in Harry’s soul forever.

Thanks to all, a special thanks to the following:

Gøran – Båtklubben
Tøckfors Camping
Optimera v/Jonas

Until next time!
Jack, Simen and Simba

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