Our first campses

Thinking back on the last week or so.. We can’t help exploring the idea that this journey – this adventure – of moving onto “FF Harry” was the only right choice! Even the cat is starting to get the hang of having new spots to explore every day. As these words are written we are illegally docked in Töcksfors – at the lower lock-station, stealing electricity. 

Of course we spent way too long getting ready, say our goodbyes and finish up the packing in Fredrikstad. Also we picked the road less traveled and ended up spending a good extra couple of hours getting back to our original sail-plan. By the end of the day we discreetly docket at the guest harbour in Halden, and decided to go to sleep. Ignoring the party-street with the loud music and drunken fellow/Norwegians we docked next too. We should have known better.

The flying ship

Since we both recently claimed the title Captain – we are headed for a steep learning-curve. Finding ourselves woken up by the alarms at seven in the morning, signaling the guy transporting us from Halden was thirty minutes early. He would be onsite half an hour before schedule. Since it was dark at our arrival we spent the half hour locating the specially fitted ramp used for the transport of boats to Tistedal and Haldenkanalen. Sadly the canal was still closed, not opening until the end of may.

“The flying Norwegianman”

There was some excitement of having the boat lifted from the water for the first time. We got to inspect the hull and it looked pretty good! A few scrapes and scratches, but nothing critical. What a relief, it could`ve been horribly bad. These things tend to happen when you buy a boat without taking a look at it first. But we scored, we are very lucky!

We had the pleasure of riding inside the boat the 43 minutes it took us to pass through hills and the deep forest. The driver probably liked his privacy and we respectfully got to ride the most expensive roller-coaster we’ve ever heard of. Totally out of his element, Harry headed into the deep forests of Norway in a speed he have never known before. 40 knots through bushes and halfway up raging trees and centimeters from power-lines. We measured the boat before departure and had 15 centimeters to spare. The catch would be only that none of the power-cords or powerlines had gained just a little bit of slack due to heavy snowfall this winter..

Camping and fixing

Except from a little whip from a tree, All went well. And in Østre Otteid we got back in the water, paid the man and set of to find an island for the cat to spend some time. Little did we know that Simba didn’t actually like islands. Besides – why step out of the boat when he`s got the most fantastic room in the house?

Simba being grumpy

We had checked out the map and sort of knew in what area we wanted to camp. From the island Simbatraz we located our area within the hour and set up camp. Now, Stora Le is a large pool of water and it seems we’ll have more than enough projects to take care of in the coming weeks.

Today is monday, and our plan is to go shopping everything we need for the coming two weeks. This is hard work, very hard work, in 26 degrees celcius.

9 hours later

Yep. Those degrees was indeed extremely hard. With Harry loaded, stocked and ready to embark, we now believe we have managed to purchase all necessities needed for the survival of the next two weeks.

“FF Harry” docked at the lock-waiting dock in Tõcksfors.

Status quo; Simba hunting the forest-creeps, Harry is silently resting by our homemade beaver-wood dock. A strong sativa by the candle, our local owl is swirling among the trees. Bats are diving to catch tonight’s dinner-bugs in the shimmering light from our windows – and the two of us are pretty much ready to conquer to the magical world of dreams.

Truth is…. We haven’t really found our first real land-camp yet. All nights so far are spent onboard FF Harry, maybe we’ll hit the great spot tonight! This said – our internet is not good and blogging probably have to be limited to whenever we are visiting guest harbours or other places we can charge our tiny winy battery-bank. But don’t worry, things tend to happen even when we don’t write about them. More to come!

Jack, Simen & Simba

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