Making our move

FF Harry is packed to the rim, the cat is freaking out, the trees are blooming, and we are ready to embrace our freshly acquired nomadic life! We are more than happy to liberate the summer of 2018. Bring on the challenges, bring on the joy and feel free to manifest some truly amazing weather! 

The weather at one of our undisclosed planned campsites.

We’ve had a hard winter in Norway this year. There was measured to have downed somewhere over the rainbow of 700 billion metric tons of snow advancing the year of 2017. This of course make way for lot of melting-water in our lakes and rivers in the foreseeable future. We’ve been in touch with the companies running the traffic in the Norwegian and Swedish canal-system. Sadly the newly renovated Haldenkanalen can’t open their sluice-locks for traffic until May 26th and the locks in Sweden even later, as of now; June 11th (maybe a week earlier.)

This of course is not the end of the world to us, the worst possibly being the fact; we won’t get to see Haldenkanalen this time around. Also it makes our move a little more expensive. But in return we get to see Harry lifted from the water and may finally inspect his hopefully perfectly handsome-looking bottom. Multifrakt is transporting us by truck from Norways 29th largest city – Halden.  The date is May 10th, it’s Ascension Day, Harry is ascending to about 101 meters over sea-level. Into a new world of freshwater, cheap food and Swedish people.


This was the last update written on my home-computer. In a few hours this machine will be sent to storage along with the rest of our belongings. I should actually get started, I just remembered – there are still ceilings to clean and landlords to please.

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