The Journey of “FF Harry” Begins

Fredrikstad, Norway 03. May 2018
Thanks for joining us!

FF Harry is a wooden boat of ’81 with an aluminium top a Norwegian Sabb 10Hp diesel engine looking for new adventures. And boy did he get more than he barged for.

Now. The ship has changed. We were in need of more indoor space. After all this will be our home for the next months. The price 10.000 NOK (or about 1200 USD or 0.1312 BTC as of May 1th.)

This is “Harry” the way he looked the day we picked him up in April 2018.

Like I said, we needed some more space and extra equipment. Another 800 USD was spent on upgrades even though we got most of the big stuff for free on Which is also where we got the boat..

“FF” is a type of ship in the Norwegian ship registry. Meaning¬†Forskningsfart√ły or Research Wessel in English.

The plan is to sail into the lakes and canals of Sweden!

More info about the boat will follow. But for now, here’s some basic data:
Length: 24ft
With: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Engine: Sabb, Diesel 10Hp
Tank: 43 ltrs.
Speed: Makimum 6 knots (we did 8,8 downriver)
Battery: 1x12V64 amp + 1x12V73 amp
Faults: Starter broken, dynamo broken, some simple fixes needed…

Wish us the best and follow this blog for updates!

Jack & Simen

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